Here at BUILDMYFANS we are always fair with all of our clients, WE WILL REFUND your money 100 % if your order was not completed within 48 hours upon purchase.

We have the above in place because we are certain that your order will be completed within that time frame and you WILL be pleased with the results. BUILDMYFANS is a company that looks for long term business from our clients which is why we offer a money back guarantee, this ensures clients that their risk has now been limited where as most companies do not offer this.

BUILDMYFANS will take in to consideration clients who will receive the service and still ask for a refund, we can see when they were placed, the exact amount that was placed, we hope that you are as honest with us as we are with you, we will not refund these types of dealings.

We have a 24 / 7 customer support system where as if you do have issues or need to have more information about how the refund policy works someone will be here to answer your questions alternatively you can email us at [email protected]

BUILDMYFANS is aware that some people will order the service and then place a charge back thinking they will have the fans and or likes for free. This is where we then have permission to ban that fan page account and anything social related to it.